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Our excellent reputation is what make us the best producer for heavy-duty shock absorbers for both, custom or OEM, having made dampers for well known traders in the market as Europarts, Febi-Bilstein, Weweler, etc in many countries as Germany, United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, Bulgary, Spain, Russia, Turkey, China, Egypt, and many more.

production of heavy-duty shock absorbers for OEM


We do what others can´t.

Terpeck is the product of choice for the most reputable bodybuilders in the Siberian area where the incredible hard conditions don´t let them many more choices as only superior dampers can work at -50ºC day after day of non stopping trips over unasphalted roads. In the other hand, in the roughest roads on the African and eastern countries is our product the best option for the insane high temperatures in the desert not considering the massive loads on the trucks that too often duplicate the legal capacity of the vehicle. Transafrican routes see everyday our shock absorbers installed in commercial vehicles, overloaded busses and military vehicles.

Aditionally many of the most successful armoring companies use our special dampers reliying in our reputated robust design and unique hand made manufacturing process. Light military vehicles and armored vehicles for conflictive destinations are one of our target customers since they usually require low quantities of very special heavy-duty shock absorbers that can´t be ordered to normal companies in the shock absorbers industry.