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The Super heavy-duty range.



We, at Terpeck only produce heavy-duty shock absorbers, but have three product ranges in order to match better the needs of our customers.

The "Super Heavy-Duty" range applies for our big bore cylinder version with standard length, forces and anchoring points configuration with a piston diameter of 55mm and a rod diameter of 18mm. Body diameter is 65mm and max diameter (upper bell) is 76mm, covering a wide range of lengths and forces. You can take a look to the basic layout and internals in this blue-print, where you can see also the standard lengths and travel you can choose from.

product range by Terpeck

The extra oil capacity, bigger piston and valves, and huge rubber parts make this series ideal for the most extreme conditions; beyond your own expectations.

If you are interested in a more detailed description of our products, you can enter into our tech page where you can find very interesting things as some videos of our coil spring production and much more!

The right one for your case.

You can contact us if you need an specific length-force-anchoring setup or want our assistance for your application.

Also you can access to our full package of services and products for severe duty vehicles at