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Since Terpeck is part of InTT Automotive we are not just a sock absorber manufacturer. Using the potential of  InTT Automotive you can access to a wider range of product and services as solutions for your bussiness.

The idea behind InTT Automotive is to bring you the best products and support for applications where the experienced engineering is the key factor. A modified vehicle is a real challenge for the builder: increased weight modifies severely the vehicle´s kinetics and therefore the re-engineering of the involved systems is a must.

product range by Terpeck

You can try different suppliers for the different areas or you can try the "one stop" service provider for a global solution. InTT Automotive offers you the excellent background of our engineering team experienced in hundred of cases as you have in your hands now.

Bring your needs to us and you will benefit of our complete range of solutions for:






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You can access to our full package of services and products for severe duty vehicles at